BOWMAN is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer that specializes in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of a diverse line of healthcare dispensing solutions.

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Bowman’s Full Line of PPE Dispensing Solutions

Bowman healthcare dispensers allow you to Organize, Contain, and Comply with your personal protective equipment policies. Bowman dispensing solutions include gloves, facemasks, protection systems, cover your cough, bulk, construction / renovation, and specialty. As a longtime business partner with CME, Bowman offers dispensing solutions for any space, volume, or budget.

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Cover Your Cough Compliance Kits

Guard against the unknown and prevent the spread of infection with Respiratory Hygiene Solutions from BOWMAN. Provide convenient access to PPE, standardize dispensing locations, support user compliance, and contain costs by preventing Health Associated Infections and outbreak investigations.

Popular BOWMAN Hygiene Stations:
Bowman Protection Systems

Protection Systems

BOWMAN protection organizers are designed to hold personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare providers. BOWMAN protection systems offer quick access to PPE, including gloves, face masks, and gowns, makes it easier to meet compliance requirements.

Popular BOWMAN Protection Systems:
Construction and Renovation

Construction & Renovation

Integrate PPE dispensing solutions into the project planning phase to save space, improve aesthetics and reduce code violations. Supported by a strong portfolio of recessed dispensing solutions and interior cabinet built-ins, BOWMAN offers ready-to-install stock designs and unique custom designs.

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BOWMAN provides accessories including: sign holders, storage caddies, floor stands and door hangers. The accessories are provided to compliment various BOWMAN Dispensers, Hygiene Stations and Protection Systems.

Popular BOWMAN Accessories

BOWMAN Dispenser Videos:

Bowman Dispensers Quality Plastics

High quality BOWMAN Dispensers are manufactured with materials that work in extreme environments, and can withstand frequent use of harsh cleaning agents without weakening or discoloring.

Bowman's Superior Strength - Forklift Demonstration

BOWMAN's Glove Box Dispensers made from Injection Molded Polycarbonate Plastic are so strong a forklift can't even break it! Try to break it, we dare you.

Bowman Protection Systems - Wall & Door Mount

Protection Systems by BOWMAN can be mounted temporarily or permanently to a wall or hung on a door for convenient isolation. Place a Protection System near patient care areas requiring personal protective equipment and isolation supplies, including oncology clinics, dialysis centers and clinic exam areas.

Bowman Recessed In-Wall Product Line

Recessed Dispensers are perfectly designed for new construction and renovation projects. Mounted in the wall allowing a semi-recessed look avoiding any wall protrusion violations.

Bowman Cover Your Cough Compliance Kits

Cover Your Cough Compliance Kits by BOWMAN offer convenient protection to staff and visitors. Proper and consistent use of the products in this dispenser reduces the chances of spreading infectious bacteria and viruses, such as those found in influenza and the common cold. CYC Kits are ideal for use in public waiting areas, offices, and lobbies.

Bowman Mobile Protection System

BOWMAN Dispensers, the leader in medical dispensers, introduces the Mobile Protection System, part of the Protection System solutions line-up.

Bowman Transmission Based Precautions Quick Reference Cards

BOWMAN Dispensers, the leader in medical dispensers, introduces the Transmission Based Precautions Quick Reference Card. Available for horizontal or vertical badges, this card provides a quick reference to the HICPAC/CDC guidelines for precautions required for frequently isolated organisms.