Infab Scatter Shield

Infab Scatter Shield

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The Infab Scatter Shield protects Physicians and Staff During All Procedures from Harmful Scatter Radiation


  • Scatter Protection: Scatter Armor Shields provide scatter radiation protection for radial and many other types of procedures. KIARMOR Bi-Layer is the most protective core material against scatter radiation.
  • How it works: Scatter Armor Shields are placed on top of the patient drape to block scatter radiation at the source, creating a scatter-free zone, reducing harmful radiation exposure to the doctor or clinician.
  • Absorbent: Scatter Armor Shields utilize the highest absorbency in the industry, critical in heavy fluid situations.
  • Flexible: Scatter Armor Shields easily mold to the patients body for ease of use and maximum protection
  • Sterile: Packaged individually in sterile packets.
  • One-time use: Scatter Armor Shields are meant for one-time use.


  • Scatter Armor Multi-Purpose Shield: Shunt, biliary drainage, spinal, stents, and diagnostics
  • Scatter Armor EP Shield: Subclavian access: pacemaker implants, ICS procedures, and biventricular pacing.
  • Scatter Armor Angiography Shield: Angiography, stents, coronary catheterization
  • Scatter Armor Bilary Split Shield: Biopsy procedures

Your choice of Scatter Armor Shields (All Models 12” x 17”) available in: (Box of 15 or Case (3 Boxes)):

  • Scatter Armor Multi-Purpose Shield, Absorbent, No Fenestration (SA-MPS or SA-MPS-CS)
  • Scatter Armor EP Shield, Absorbent, Scoop Fenestration (SA-EPS or SA-EPS-CS)
  • Scatter Armor Angiography Shield, Absorbent, Circular Fenestration (SA-AGS or SA-AGS-CS)
  • Scatter Armor Biliary Split Shield, Absorbent, Center Slit Fenestration (SA-BSS or SA-BSS-CS)


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