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For 20 years, LW Scientific is one of the country's leading manufacturers of Laboratory and Medical equipment. Since LWS is ISO 13485:2003 certified, we can further provide great quality products that are designed, engineered, and manufactured here in the USA (at our HQ right outside of Atlanta, GA). Whether you are looking for a basic centrifuge, microscope, or in need of specialized equipment, LWS has a variety of products to meet your routine medical and clinical demands.

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LWS has been manufacturing centrifuges for years, several in the USA, and the centrifuges are known for their long-term durability and dependability. Whether you are running routine lab testing, creating PRP for surgical/medical procedures, needing to separate blood STAT, or separating special synthesized polymers in your biomedical research lab, LWS line of centrifuges will exceed all separation needs.

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LW Scientific's line of optical microscopes are used daily in the healthcare market for routine clinical diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, and other specialized clinics--such as InVitro Fertilization & Mycobacteriology (TB and Malaria diagnosis). If you need a microscope for teaching at a University or for routine diagnostics in your lab, LW Scientific has modular systems to outfit any clinical, hospital, or research lab.

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For specimins that aren't being viewed at the microscopic level, LW Scientific makes stereoscopes with all sorts of options, ranging from scopes on a free standing base, or on an articulating arm.

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General Lab Equipment

Projects involving lab equipment usually involves more than just a microscope or centrifuge, but many other products such as rockers, incubators, refractometers, and loupes.

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Photomicroscopy Cameras & Videography

LW Scientific makes video cameras that are attachable to microscopes for digitally viewing specimens on a TV or computer monitor.

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One of the best things about LW Scientific's products is the ease of modifying the different components.