Medolutions Bio-Back Lumbar Sacral Orthosis w/ Adjustable Straps

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The Medolutions Bio-Back Lumbar Sacral Orthosis w/ Adjustable Straps

Now, you can provide real relief for your patients who suffer from back pain with the Bio-Back. The Bio-Back consists of two carefully contoured panels joined at the sides by adjustable straps. Technically classified as a lumbar sacral orthosis (LSO), its inconspicuous slim-profile and unique, patented features make the Bio-Back the perfect solution for your patients suffering from back pain.

The Bio Back's patented and low profile design provides support to the lower back (lumbar) and abdomen, allowing you to live a more active and productive lifestyle. You will be able to perform all the activities you love to do. The Bio-Back™ has been designed to be worn comfortably underneath clothing, so people will not even know you have it on. Its slim profile also ensures your movements won't be restricted.

The Bio-Back's patented bilateral opposing forces and a lumbar dome immediately improve posture and relieve compression of the muscles, discs and nerves in the lumbar region to relieve back pain. The Bio-Back helps stabilize the lower back and relieves pain, while at the same time giving you near total mobility. This adds up to a healthier, more active, pain free back.


  • One size is adjustable to fit 19" to 52" waist sizes
  • Allows patients to participate more effectively in rehabilitation or exercise programs
  • Helps patients recover more quickly from injury 
  • Provides the ability to live a more active lifestyle and perform the activities they love without fear of back pain!


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Manufacturer Medolutions
Shipping Method Ground Delivery

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