Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light

Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light

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By: Midmark

Quick features: 4,500 K color temperature, LED technology lasts up to 50,000 hours, designed to consume 45 - 60% less energy than other lights.


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The Midmark Ritter® 253 LED Exam Light is a durable and aesthetically pleasing device designed to provide proper lighting needed during critical examinations. It is also a great choice for hospitals, medical facilities, most specifically offices that need ample lighting.

Made to be easy to use, the Ritter® 253 LED Exam Light has its controls located on the light head which can effortlessly be reached to adjust the lighting. The Light is easy to clean and is built to last. With many mounting options to choose from, the LED Exam Light can easily be adjusted and perfectly fits any exam room.

State-of-the-Art Technology. With the use of LED technology, the Ritter® 253 LED Exam Light provides 45% to 60% less energy consumption yet still providing the same amount of light as a regular bulb. Because of this, it makes this device a cost-effective solution for any hospital or medical facility and is great to use for lengthy procedures.


  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours - significantly longer than incandescent and halogen lighting
  • Consumes approximately up to 67% less energy than other lighting
  • 4,500K color temperature
  • 1,700-foot candle intensity at 16-inch focal length
  • Ergonomic controls located on the light head for ease of use, including power and focal spot adjustment
  • Flex arm for easy positioning without drifting
  • Available in table mount and mobile options

Available Options

The Midmark Ritter® 253 LED Exam Light comes in various package options:

  • Light Only (253-001)
  • Light with Spline Mount (253-002)
  • Light with Extended Spline Mount (253-003)
  • Light with Base Rail Mount (253-005)
  • Light with Caster Base (253-006)
  • Light with Wall Mount (253-007)


Additional Information

Model 253-001: Exam light only; 253-002: Exam Table kit for 204/ 22X/ 604/ 62X; 253-003: Exam Table Kit for 625 w/ 32" Upholstery; 253-005: Procedure Chair Kit for 230/ 630/ 641/ 646/ 647; 253-006: Mobile Caster Kit; 253-007: Wall Mount Kit
Manufacturer Midmark
Shipping Method Ground
Color Temp 4500 K
Bulb Type Single LED

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