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Schuremed is a manufacturing company that specializes in new and innovative positioning products and is focused on improving patient safety and comfort, while addressing critical patient positioning challenges that gynecological, urological, laparoscopic, and orthopedic surgical procedures present.

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Orthopedic Positioners

Schuremed's main market is in manufacturing comfortable and easily manipulative positioning equipment for supporting or prepping limbs for surgical procedures. Positioning equipment is listed specific to the limb being operated on.



Improve patient comfort and surgeons' performance in the operating room with Schuremed gynecology, laparoscopy, and urology equipment.

Arthroscopy & Beach Chairs

Position patients for shoulder surgery with these lightweight and cost-effective surgical beach chairs that assist O.R. staff when lifting the patient into position.

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General Operating Room Equipment

Operating room equipment is an important factor in workflow efficiency of the surgeon. Schuremed keeps this in mind by creating O.R. equipment that is easily adjustable and also cost effective.


Because patient comfort is very important during surgical procedures, Schuremed creates padding for surgical tables, armboards, and general positioning pads.

Types of Pads:

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  • Clamps & Sockets

    Required for attaching positioning equipment to surgical tables
  • Dollies

    For storing stirrups, padding, and support rods.
  • Disposables

    Face masks, velcro straps, and sterile wrapping.