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The scales and measuring instruments by seca have been known for their precision for more than 170 years. Doctors and nurses who rely on seca precision have made us the world leader in medical weighing and measuring. Inspired by our leading position, we have taken a giant step into the future with the development of a unique product system that will make your life easier day by day.

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Column Scales

Column scales by seca are ideal for hospitals and physician offices. Some come with ability for height measurement as well as weight and are available with a variety of features.

Popular Column Scales:
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Height Rods & Stadiometers

Devices that don’t warp even after years of use and measuring slides that always glide smoothly into position and in the consistently precise measurements that such qualities guarantee.

Popular Height Rods and Stadiometers:
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seca medical Body Composition Analyzer

Do you know what your patients are really made of? Find out with the new seca mBCA

Transform the way you evaluate and monitor your patients. One 20 second non-invasive test provides all of the following definitive measurements:

  • % of body fat
  • Total body fat
  • Lean body mass
  • Total body water
  • Extracellular fluid
  • Intracellular fluid
  • Segmental lean mass
  • Resting energy expenditure/ basal metabolic rate
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Multi-Function & Wheelchair Scales

Multifunctional scales by seca offer ease of use whether the patient is sitting in a wheelchair or standing.

Popular Wheelchair & Multifunction Scales:
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Floor Scales

Where space is limited, there is still room enough for seca scales and their many functions.

Popular Floor Scales:
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Baby Scales

A baby‘s weight should be closely monitored to ensure a healthy start in life. That‘s why seca offers baby scales with functions to make weighing easy for nurses, doctors and care providers and with features to make babies feel good.

Popular Baby Scales
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Specialized Scales (Chair & Diaper/Portion Scales)

As a specialist for medical weighing and measuring, seca naturally offers solutions for special medical applications.

Popular Chair & Portion Scales