Touch America

For more than 30 years, TouchAmerica has worked together with our customers in the constantly evolving spa and therapy industries. We understand that a lot of spas, medical facilities, and physical therapy centers, work with an abundance of tactile and sensory experiences, so we manufacture aesthetically pleasing and comfortable tables, chairs and other accessories.

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Treatment & Therapy Tables

Working together with valued customers in the constantly evolving spa and wellness therapy industries, we have developed a full line of highly crafted, superb comfort and quality tables that can be used for exams, medical procedures, and facial work. You will find our attention to customer and practitioner comfort is present in our highly durable, motorized treatment tables as well as our stationary models.

Popular Treatment Tables:

Massage Tables

As a pioneer in the massage industry, we have followed the trends and demands of the wellness therapies to develop treatment tables and accessories that meet and satisfy both client and practitioner. You will find comfort, dependability and ease of use are hallmarks of our durable, motorized massage tables and stationary tables.

Popular Massage Tables:

Touch America's ProStool

Sleek, professional look for any exam or treatment room. Now with neoprene wheels for easy movement on all floor surfaces.


Designed with functionality, appearance and quality in mind. The multi-functional mobile cabinetry has a wide variety of storage/purpose options.