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Founded in 1931, Wolf X-Ray is a family owned-and-operated business that occupies a unique position in the manufacturing and distribution of X-Ray imaging, X-Ray protection, and related accessories.

Wolf manufactures over 180 different products in our new 65,000 square foot facility in Deer Park, New York. The latest additions to their extensive product line includes digital radiography accessories and lead protection products used in clinics and hospitals alike.

X-Ray Protection

Quick Ship Aprons

Wearable Protection

Aprons , Gloves , Glasses & Pads

Quick Ship Aprons

  • When you need an apron now, not in 2-3 weeks
  • Wolf X-Ray offers an alternative that will ship in only 2-3 days

Select from four apron choices:

  • Easy Wrap Aprons with Regular Lead (Medium or Large) - Navy Blue
  • Coat Aprons with Regular Lead (Medium or Large) - Navy Blue

When you need an apron now, select a Wolf Quick Ship Apron from CME

Mobile Shields

X-Ray Barriers

Clear Mobile Radiation Shield


  • Provides a full-body shield for up to two people
  • Optically Clear
  • Lead-plastic viewing panel
  • Provides exceptional visibility with 0.5mmn or 1.0mm lead-equivalent protection
  • Shatter Resistant
  • Extremely durable and ready for heavy use

X-Ray Imaging

View Boxes

Illuminators & View Boxes

Mobile View Boxes

Available Features:

  • 2+ bank illuminators when you need it & where you want it
  • Portable viewbox for the OR, ER, or Classroom
  • Features a Wolf Trimline III X-ray Illuminator
  • 3 bulbs per panel for the best illumination at the best price
  • Mounted on a movable platform for easy transport to any location
  • Rigid construction with access shelf for film jacket or lecture notes
Mobile Cassette Stands

Mobile Cassette Stands

Four Mobile Stand Styles for all your Imaging Plate needs:

  • CR/DR Analog Tilt and Rotate
  • CR/Analog Tilt and Rotate
  • CR/DR Analog Non-tilt
  • Large format 14x36 and 14x51

Available Features:

  • Locking caster on easy to move stand
  • Arm Slides vertically on pole with 12 holes for easy adjustments
  • Tray held in place with spring loaded plunger
  • V-Base allows stability and mobility

Additional Wolf X-Ray Equipment